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Safe School Center Concept Diagram

Safe School Center Concept

The Safe School Center provides SPV specialists to inservice school staffs on various topics that support the SPV mission to educate students and staff on ways to reduce violence and asocial behaviors in the school and community. The inservice workshops can be nonprescriptive to inform the staff of various best practices to help reduce or eliminate various problems in the school. The inservice workshops can also be prescriptive in nature. These workshops are tailored to specific concerns of school staff. A meeting is held with an SPV representative and various school staff to decide the type of workshop needed for the school.

safe school instructors list Click this link to view or download the diagram as a .pdf


Safe School Center Program

Safe School Center Program

Listed areas include workshops, professional development and speakers relating to:

  1. Increasing instructional time by reducing classroom management problems.
  2. Strategies to help both ADHD related children and helping to build resiliency in the stressed child.
  3. Review of new ODE policies and procedures.
  4. Bullying and cyber bullying strategies and prevention techniques.
  5. Topics include: Teen Dating Awareness, Building Self Esteem Through Art, etc.
  6. Social Skills Training and Violence Prevention strategies and action plans.
  7. Developing strategies for a safe school through teamwork and cooperation.
  8. Strategies to develop diversity awareness and respect for all students and staff.

  Safe School Instructors List Click here to view the Instructors List